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Short Videos

Usually filmed to promote, introduce, and explode:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Offers
  • Specials
  • Etc.

Usually 30sec - 3min long.

These type of videos are usually filmed for social media and T.V. commercials.

Building a portfolio of short videos is key to BRANDING.

Price Varies

Business Overview

This style of videos are filmed to provide customers with your business story.

This style is used for:

  • Interviews
  • Complete Business Overview
  • In-depth Campaigns
  • Documentaries

This style of video helps to build:

  • Customer Trust
  • Customer Retention 
  • Long Term Customer Relationships

Usually longer than 5 min.


Price Varies

Going Viral

We make sure those who have never heard of your business or services, hear about it and eventually become a customer.

We make your content go viral!

We take care of branding making sure everyone recognizes your business or service wherever they go.

Price Varies

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